Our Top Five Self Storage Tips

Edinburgh Self Store takes the utmost care when handling your personal belongings and possessions.  We truly believe in following the top tips that we’ve outlined in this latest blog post to do everything in our power to ensure that your goods are kept in the best possible condition when stored with us.  Whether you are storing commercial goods or personal items, these tips remain the same.  Below are our top tips on how to handle every step of the self-storage process…

1.) Mindful Placement

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Being mindful about placement is an essential tip.  For example, if you need frequent access to certain items, it’s important to strategically plan this out so that you have easy access.  This will prevent the stress and hassle of emptying out the full storage unit every time you want access to one or a couple of your particular items.  Packing from back to front with what you least need access to is always recommended. 

2.) Ceiling Stacking

Another tip for getting the most out of self-storage is to stack to the ceiling to really get the most out of your storage space.  This seems self-explanatory but so many companies and customers don’t fully utilize the full storage space they are paying for which can often result in paying for additional space which is just unnecessary.  Therefore, to get the most of your storage space, we advise placing the heaviest boxes on the bottom and packing up to the lightest of items until they reach the ceiling.

3.) Label Boxes

Edinburgh Self Store also highly recommends labeling certain boxes so that you know exactly what’s in certain boxes.  Not only is this logical but it will also save you a lot of time especially if you need frequent access to particular items.  This relates back to tip number 1 in regards to mindful placement. Clearly, labeling boxes is absolutely essential and a top tip that should not be underestimated. 

4.) Create An Aisle

As well as maximising your self-storage unit for space, you also want to keep in mind that you also require easy access.  When thinking of access, you want to be able to easily reach the very back of your storage unit with little hassle or stress.  The best way to do this is to create an aisle straight down the middle of your storage unit.  Make sure that you can fit freely down the middle and that you aren’t at risk of potentially knocking things over which could lead to your possessions or belongings breaking.

5.) Prepare Storage Inventory

Preparing a storage inventory is a very important step to ensure that you have noted down every single item that you are storing.  When you choose a professional self-storage company just like Edinburgh Self Store, they produce storage inventory for you so that you don’t have to worry about doing it for yourself.  You’ll get a copy that you can confirm with them too.

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