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Looking for self-storage in New Town or the surrounding areas?  Whether you are a student new to the city looking for additional means of storage space or you’re moving home and need to start moving out the non-essentials, we provide the best self-storage units and you will never have to pay for more storage space than what you actually need.  Moreover, we are highly flexible in our approach and give all types of customers the option to upgrade or downgrade whilst using our units. We provide affordable, secure storage solutions that are reliable and well-monitored 24/7 to ensure the maximum protection of your items and personal belongings.

Our self-storage units are the perfect choice for your personal and business storage and at the heart of our services is ensuring value for money self-store units.  If you’re looking to find out more information or receive a FREE no-obligation quotation from our team, get in touch with us today by calling or using our contact form.

Domestic Self Storage New Town, EH2 & EH3

Need additional space or looking to regain access to your cluttered spare room once again?  Edinburgh Self Store provides the best and most affordable storage solutions for personal customers and homeowners.  Whether you’re looking for short-term or longer term storage solutions, you will have 24-hour access 365 days per year without question.  Many customers decide to use our conveniently located self-store options when moving house as this creates a much more relaxed way of moving personal items and belongings.  All types of items can be stored within our units including home gym equipment, garden furniture, wardrobes and much more.

Business Self Storage New Town, EH2 & EH3

Edinburgh Self Store also provides comprehensive business self-storage for a wide range of businesses, sectors and industries.  Each and every storage unit for business purposes is fully secured and fitted with the latest security systems for maximum protection of business stock, machinery and other heavy items.  Short-term and long-term business storage is available with Edinburgh Self Store and because we know how quickly business evolves and moves, we are highly flexible in our approach.  Whether you are moving offices and need somewhere to temporarily store your equipment for a few days or your business is expanding at a rapid rate and you require excess storage space to store stock with 24-hour access, we have the solutions you require.

Student Self Storage New Town, EH2 & EH3

University is a fun and exciting time for new students coming to the city of Edinburgh.  Storage solutions may be the last thing on your priority list but they can come in handy.  Instead of having to choose between sentimental and valuable items that you want to bring with you, do not compromise and simply use our reliable and monitored self-storage solutions to store additional items.  Student self-store is beneficial for when travelling home between term times.  The inconvenience of constantly packing things up and taking them back and forth is stressful and physically demanding.

Removals New Town, EH2 & EH3

Do you require comprehensive or man and van removals in New Town, EH2 & EH3?  Whether you simply need a man and van service to collect your personal items and possessions so that we can then load up onto our secure and first-class units or you need the entire contents of your property moving to a new destination, Edinburgh Self Store are here to help.  Our team of movers are highly experienced, trained and are able to provide any type of removal service.  We have access to a modern fleet of fully equipped vehicles give us the advantage over local competition.

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If you’re looking for high-quality self-storage units in New Town, we urge you to get in touch with our team today.  We will first take the time to get to know your storage and moving requirements before proposing the best unique solutions for your needs.  Our team will also give you your very own lock and key to access your storage space.  Get in touch with us today by calling us directly or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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