Self Storage For Asian Restaurants

Here at Edinburgh Self Store, we are able to provide self-storage solutions for local food shops and restaurants throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.  In fact, we have recently had the pleasure of providing storage solutions for a local Asian restaurant located just a short distance away from our storage base on the Gorgie Road.  The owner of the local Asian restaurant contacted us just a few weeks ago after experiencing ongoing issues with disruption in the supply chain and also rising costs.  This wasn’t the first enquiry that we had received from an Asian restaurant (Indian, Chinese and South East Asian)several of them on Gorgie Road use our storage facilities.

As well as the ongoing issues that they were experiencing with the supply chain, they also wanted a conveniently located storage unit that was within reach to store additional goods, furniture, and equipment.  After our initial call, we offered the owner of the local Asian Restaurant a 20-foot container at our storage facility and a smaller one on their premises.  They were extremely reassured in the fact that they had the flexibility to change their storage plan to upgrade at any given time should their needs increase or further issues arise.

For this particular Asian restaurant owner, he wanted to store very specific types of goods at our conveniently-located facility.  The types of goods that they are currently storing with us include large cooking oil tins, rice, pulses, flour, international soft drinks, disposable plates, disposable cutlery, and takeaway containers.  Moreover, they are also safely storing pre-packed spices within our fully secure units.  Of course, they have to be very particular with what they store as a food restaurant but we ensure everything is good to go with a comprehensive storage/inventory list to double-check.

Restaurant Item Storage – Our Top Tips

Many of our restaurant owners store a wide range of items within our units but there are very clear rules that should be abided by when it comes to restaurant and food storage to best protect customers from food poisoning.  It’s essential to ensure that only clean and dry items are stored with us.  Cutlery such as plates needs to be completely packaged and sealed before being sent to our units to avoid damages and contamination within storage units.  And of course, items that should be safely stored in freezers or fridges at specific temperatures are not to be stored with us at all.  Furthermore, it’s advisable to strategically plan your storage so that commonly used items are at the front to create that much-needed efficiency.  As a restaurant owner, time is of the essence and this top tip can really help to save time.

Storage Sizes & Prices

Here at Edinburgh Self Store, we have a few different types of storage units to best suit your requirements.  We are able to accommodate all different sizes of restaurants so whether you are a start-up restaurant or a restaurant that’s rapidly expanding, we are here to help make your storage requirements much easier and stress-free.  Our main containers are 20-foot long.

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If you’re a restaurant owner looking for safe storage space in Edinburgh, look no further than Edinburgh Self Store.  Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements by calling us directly on 0131 549 9511 or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you.


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