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Many different types of businesses use Edinburgh Self Store for a multitude of reasons.  We have recently seen a number of medical surgeries and hospitals take up self store units with us.  A local private healthcare clinic provider from EH10 Morningside and another one from Polwarth EH10 have recently used our storage facilities to store a wide range of different healthcare products and furniture within our conveniently located self-storage units.  The facilities management team from the private healthcare clinics contacted our team at Edinburgh Self Store as they were expanding their facilities to better accommodate more patients and to provide a better level of patient care.

The local private healthcare clinic provider wanted to get ahead of the curve, even before expansion work began, and they started to order the relevant medical supplies that they needed for the new patient rooms and facilities such as hospital bedroom furniture, patient monitors, and much more.  To ensure that they could meet demand stock, due to problems in the supply chain due to Covid-19, was ordered well in advance but there was one gawping issue.  There was obviously a lack of safe and secure storage space which is where Edinburgh Self Storage came in to provide a convenient storage solution.

As well as a wide range of medical supplies, the local private healthcare clinic also used our self-storage units to store exhibition materials, pop-up banners, patients guides, protective screens and much more.  Our specialist and dedicated team guided the the practice team through our various self-storage options.  Because of the sheer volume of medical supplies and equipment that needed to be stored, they decided to go for the 20-foot containers.

Office Furniture & Stationery Self-Storage

The local private healthcare clinic also had an additional requirement to store office furniture and stationery with us before the new office/receptions areas were due to open.  Again, the purpose of this on their behalf was so that everything could run smoothly with minimal delay once everything was ready.  Fortunately, Edinburgh Self Store was able to provide a direct solution for office furniture and stationery self-storage with fully designated and fit-for-purpose units.  We did offer the private healthcare clinic provider the opportunity to have the containers on-site for easy access but they were more than happy to store in our conveniently located space and have the expensive equipment well-cared for until further notice.  Although we have a minimum hire period of 4 weeks, the private healthcare practice was happy to store office furniture and medical supplies much longer than that.

We agreed on a set date and time – which ended up being a few days before this– and equipped our man and van removal vehicle and two removers for the job.  The team arrived on a Thursday morning and it only took around an hour to remove all requested items and safely position them ready for transportation.

24/7 Access, 365 Days A Week

It was important for the local private healthcare practice to have access to medical supplies and additional office furniture 24/7 just in case demand and extra patient care were needed.  In healthcare, things are very unexpected and difficult to forecast, which is why they loved the flexibility that we offer without further questions asked.

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