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There is a common misconception that self-storage is strictly only for when moving house.  We are here to tell you that this couldn’t be further than the truth.  Yes, self-storage is a fantastic crutch to have for when you’re relocating but it can also be used for a multitude of other reasons.  In this latest blog post, we will be outlining the top 5 reasons to use self-storage.  Let’s get into it…

1.) When Moving House

Moving House Self Storage

Let’s start with the most obvious.  Of course, self-storage is highly beneficial for homeowners when moving house.  Moving home is a highly stressful experience but knowing that you have that external storage space where your belongings are well-kept and stored can go a long way to reducing the stress of moving day.  Having locally-based self-storage units means that you can start the process of moving well before moving day which will significantly reduce the stress all-round.  Simplifying the moving process starts with considering self-storage in Edinburgh.

2.) For Renovations

Another reason to use self-storage is if you are having renovations done in the near future.  For example, if you are having refurbishments or renovations done, it’s incredibly important to make sure that you are keeping expensive furniture well-protected and out of the way.  Furniture such as specialist antiques, tables and chairs, and more need to be kept well away from tradesmen-like work.  Simply putting covers over the furniture doesn’t guarantee that no damage will be sustained but using self-storage units for the short-term does.  

3.) When Travelling

To travel is to follow your bliss.

Have you got exciting plans to go travelling for the foreseeable future?  If so, it’s highly advisable to keep valuable items and expensive items well-looked after.  Expensive items that you are not taking on your travels, such as TVs and consoles, may be an easy target for potential burglars once they see that you haven’t been home for a considerable amount of time.  By using our self-storage units, you gain complete peace of mind knowing that your expensive belongings are being well-cared for in our fully alarmed and monitored units.

4.) For House Clearances

If you are undertaking a house clearance due to bereavement, you may benefit from using our conveniently based self-storage units in Edinburgh.  Unfortunately, when someone passes away, the house often needs to be cleared promptly.  This can be overwhelming for the family members that have to deal with these arrangements.  Having to choose which items and sentimental belongings to keep can take its toll on you but there’s no need to rush as you can store within our self-storage units and go at your own pace.  Let us take care of your loved one’s sentimental items whilst you think of what to do next.

5.) For Business Purposes

As well as providing self-storage units for domestic customers, we also provide self-storage units for businesses.  Many types of businesses, both startups and well-established, decided to use self-storage units for a multitude of reasons.  Whether you are looking for a safe space to meet demand and hold additional stock or you require an external space to store expensive business machinery, you will benefit from investing in self-storage units.

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