Using Self Storage Units – Tips & Tricks

Renting a storage unit is one sure way to help you out when you need extra room and can be beneficial for a wide range of reasons.  If you are renovating, decluttering for moving house, renting a conveniently located storage unit is highly recommended. In this blog post, we want to outline the top six tips for ensuring you are using your storage unit to its capacity and therefore getting fantastic value for money.  Correctly packing your materials and positioning them with precision within your unit can go a long way towards keeping them in perfect condition and helping you to make the most of your storage unit.

Here are our main tips and tricks for making the most and best preparing to store items in your newly rented storage unit…

  • Gather everything you need – Ensuring that you are best prepared and that all your personal belongings and possessions are best protected in one sure way to make your belongings safe during their stay in a conveniently located self-storage unit. For this tip, it’s advisable to get ahead of the game and start preparing all packing materials such as bubble wrap, bespoke containers, cardboard boxes and whatever else you require.
  • Pack the right way – Packing your items in the right way is another underrated tip that will ensure all personal belongings and possessions are fully safe whilst stored in storage units. Ensure that smaller and lighter items are one top and that fragile items are positioned out of the way and not stacked underneath any heavy items or possessions.
  • Label items – Labelling your items is key for two reasons. Firstly, when you are loading your items into your self-storage units, you want to have an indication on what you are moving.  For example, labelling fragile items is very important as you’re going to want to take a little extra care when loading into your self-storage unit.  Secondly, if you need short-notice or immediate access to your belongings, it will save you a lot of time opening and closing boxes.  Simply look out for the label of the items you’re looking for and you’re good to go!
  • Categorise belongings – Just like labelling, categorising your items is another great tip and trick that can help. Whilst it may be easier in the moment to clutter everything together, you’ll certainly thank yourself for taking the time to categorize items and belongings.  There are a few ways to do this.  You may want to do this by the room or weight of items.
  • Think practically – The great thing about self-storage units is that you have direct access whenever you need to immediately access your personal belongings or items. If it’s likely that you will need certain possessions or items, make sure to load them into your unit last so that you have easy access whenever you need them.  A simple but productive tip!
  • Detailed inventory – Before you start packing everything up, it’s also recommended to write down a detailed inventory list of everything you are storing inside. You can show this to your local storage company for the items that you are storing which helps to avoid any confusion or loss in communication.  It’s a good idea to put a copy of your list in a waterproof folder inside your unit for peace of mind.

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